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Surgery Overview


Surgical techniques
Several surgical techniques are employed at TMCPC. These include:

  • Traditional Surgery - The expression "going under the knife" describes the traditional surgical process. A surgeon, or group of doctors, uses a scalpel or sharp knife to make an incision to allow a problem to be corrected, repaired or better viewed.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery - Laparoscopic surgery is called "minimally invasive surgery." Unlike traditional surgery, a laparoscope, attached to a camera, can be inserted through a small incision to help the surgeon view the area. The operation is then conducted through two or three small incisions. Though not appropriate for all procedures, use of this technique generally leads to quicker recovery time.
  • Endoscopy - Endoscopy is defined as "visual inspection of any cavity of the body by means of an endoscope," which is "an instrument for the examination of the interior of a hollow viscus." An endoscope is a lighted tube-like instrument that can be rigid or flexible. Endoscopy generally refers to gastrointestinal (GI) procedures, but it may include any procedure using a scope to look inside a body cavity.

Minimally invasive surgery
Today many patients seek minimally invasive options -- surgery that uses smaller incisions than traditional surgery, resulting in a quicker recovery. Atrium Health Navicent Peach surgeons have a track record of performing the latest minimally invasive procedures.

Anesthesia is an important aspect
An important aspect of surgery is the accompanying anesthesia. The TMCPC anesthesia team works with patients regarding their preferences. We offer general, MAC (monitor anesthesia care), spinal, local, and epidural anesthesia options, with the goal of providing a safe and pain-free surgical experience. Post-surgical pain management is another important service offered by the Anesthesia Department.

Caring and professional nursing staff
Our caring and professional nurses are an essential part of each patient's experience, before and after surgery. Excellent nursing care, delivered by skilled and experienced individuals, is a hallmark of Atrium Health Navicent Peach.

Focus on quality
TMCPC comprehensive quality and patient safety program includes several initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of surgical infections.