Preparing For Your Visit

As you prepare for your visit to The Medical Center, we suggest you bring:

  • List of phone numbers of family and friends
  • Small bag with change for vending machines, newspapers, etc.
  • Insurance cards
  • Important documents- such as living will and durable power of attorney
  • List of medications you take- (over-the-counter and prescription)

To add to your comfort, consider bringing:

  • Comfortable clothing-- without metal zippers or snaps. Choose loose-fitting garments
  • Shawl-- great for draping around your shoulders in case you get chilly
  • Warm socks and/or slippers
  • Eye covering to block out any light
  • Toiletries-- toothbrush, toothpaste and favorite soap and lotion
  • CD player-- a portable CD player with headphones and your favorite CDs
  • Portable DVD player or laptop-- great for entertainment and staying "connected"
  • Handheld gaming device, like a PSP or Nintendo DS
  • Books, magazines and catalogs
  • Knitting, crocheting or scrapbooking items
  • Journal or paper and pen
  • Family photographs-- if your visit will be longer than a few days you may enjoy having family pictures, or pictures drawn by children or grandchildren nearby