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Price Transparency

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Atrium Health Navicent is committed to empowering patients, in partnership with their care team, to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This includes helping patients understand the cost of their care, as well as financial assistance that may be available. We are pleased to offer patients a tool to estimate their out-of-pocket hospital costs for common medical procedures and tests. This online tool calculates the hospital out-of-pocket cost estimates based on the selected procedure and a patient's insurance information. The tool can also be utilized to estimate hospital costs for patients who do not have insurance coverage. Atrium Health Navicent has elected to utilize CMS' alternative pathway to offer an internet-based price estimator tool as described in 45 CFR § 180.60(a)(2).

We are committed to helping our patients understand the financial obligations associated with their care. It is important to understand the tool is not a guarantee of costs nor insurance coverage and is only an estimate. Please review the disclaimers in detail before using the tool.

It is strongly recommended that patients review their insurance coverage prior to treatment to better understand their deductibles, co-pays, exclusions and other important factors that will affect what amount insurance will pay towards your care.

Price Estimator for Atrium Health Navicent, Baldwin, Peach and Rehabilitation Hospital
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Standard Charges

Atrium Health Navicent provides a list of standard charges for each of its facilities in a CMS-specified template in machine-readable format. The public may view the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Pricing Transparency requirements at the following CMS webpage: The charge lists posted on this website are accurate, with applicable disclaimers, as of the dates indicated within the files below. CMS requires hospitals to update annually, therefore ongoing additions and changes may not be reflected in the posted files until the next update.

The list charge of a hospital service is not equivalent to the actual amount paid by governmental or commercial insurance companies; accordingly, each patient's financial responsibility may vary. The amount a patient pays is based on many factors, including health insurance, benefit plans and other applicable discounts, as well as the services provided based on each patient's unique needs.

Atrium Health Navicent reviews its hospital charges annually to ensure they accurately reflect the high-quality care we seek to provide. In some cases, our charges are different from other providers when we offer a differing level of care or unique clinical expertise. Overall, Atrium Health Navicent works with patients, providers and partners to lower the cost of care through wellness, disease management and quality care.


The comprehensive, machine-readable files below are posted to comply with federal regulations and are published in CMS' required standard template format. Due to the nature of the files, they will likely be of limited utility to any specific patient and are not intended for consumer or patient use.

The Discounted Cash Price reflected in our machine-readable files is synonymous with the terminology “Uninsured Discount”. Uninsured patients will receive a 50% discount off gross charges on all medically necessary hospital services and on eligible medically necessary Medical Group services. A $50.00 uninsured co-pay may be requested at the time of service for all outpatient Medical Group services. The uninsured discount is applied automatically, and no action is needed by the patient to receive this discount. This program is available to all uninsured patients. The Discounted Cash Price is NOT available to governmentally covered or commercially insured patients. For questions related to waiving insurance benefits please contact Atrium Health Customer Service at 704-512-7171 to discuss other discount options available, and for pre-service completion of the Patient Request for Self-Pay Health Plan Restriction Form.

For a patient to best understand their estimated out-of-pocket costs, it is important to understand their plan benefits and coverage before seeking medical care. Any amount not covered by the plan becomes the financial responsibility of the patient or their guarantor (such as a parent of a minor child).

At the top of this page is a self-service Price Estimation Tool, which can help patients and consumers obtain cost estimates for many common hospital services Atrium Health Navicent provides.

In order to obtain the most accurate estimate, please consult with your physician to obtain the procedure codes that will be related to your treatment. This information will allow Atrium Health Navicent to provide you with a service-specific, hospital price estimate based on your individual circumstances and patient responsibility.

Payer and data inquiries should be directed to

Inquiries related to charges for services already rendered should be directed to Atrium Health Customer Service at 704-512-7171 or

If you are a member of the media using this tool to research a story, please contact for assistance.

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