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Beginnings Classes

***Classes are suspended until further notice.***

Prepared Childbirth Class $50 a couple

Prepared Childbirth Class is a three-week class or one day Saturday class that will teach you and your partner about the birthing process. You will also learn to cope with labor through practice of relaxation techniques and knowledge of medical support. Please enroll in only one session by selecting the same night of the week for Three weeks. You can enroll as early as your 13th week of pregnancy. Please choose dates at least 2 months out from your due date. This class is taught by a registered nurse who is a certified childbirth educator. Pre-registration required.

Baby Care Basics Class FREE

Baby Care Basics is a two-hour class that will help caregivers learn everyday baby care skills. Learn how to change, feed, sooth and play with your baby. Learn safety skills on how to child proof your home. Pre-registration required.

Infant CPR Class FREE

Infant CPR Class is a two-hour class that will teach you how to perform Infant CPR, rescue breathing, conscious and un-conscious choking skills. The class is based upon the current standards of the American Heart Association. Pre-registration required.

Breastfeeding Class FREE

Learning how to breastfeed yo ur newborn and the benefits of breastfeeding is recommended for all women (and their birthing partners) who are considering breastfeeding their newborn. This two-hour class is taught by a certified lactation nurse that will provide information and demonstrate techniques to help new mothers maximize their opportunity to establish successful breastfeeding. Learn more about our lactation support services. Pre-registration required.

Sibling Class FREE

The Sibling Class is a one and one-half hour class that will help prepare your older child for the arrival of his/her new little brother/sister. Recommended for children ages 3-10. Pre-registration required.