Graduate Medical Education


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At Navicent, we care about the wellness of not only our patients, but also our residents, faculty, & staff. The GMEC Wellness Sub-committee aims to improve resident and fellow well-being. We develop individual and organizational strategies to improve trainee health, reduce stress and burnout, and enhance the joy and meaning in their work.

Some ways in which GME supports wellness across the continuum:

  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offer a vast array of services from mental health, family, law and animal needs/care.
  • Establishment of a GME Committee (GMEC), subcommittee of Wellness. Our GMEC Wellness Sub-committee has resident and faculty champions, who assess, assist and plan wellness activities/events and proactively work to address anticipated needs of residents.
  • GME policies that reinforce resident time off to attend personal healthcare needs.
  • GME sponsored Annual Wellness social for all residents.
  • GME sponsors a ½ day wellness retreat for each program's intern class.
  • Residents/Fellows eligible to participate for LiveWELL incentives that includes annual payouts of $600 to $1,350 that may be used towards wellness costs.

Check out our Atrium Health Navicent Wellness Center!