R. Edward Betcher, MD FACOG

Chairman's Welcome

Amidst the vast landscape of over 240+ Ob/Gyn residency programs, you might ponder what distinguishes Atrium Health-Navicent and propels our success. As the Academic Ob/Gyn Chair, I emphasize that our distinction lies primarily in our commitment to nurturing our learners. Our residents acknowledge that our faculty and healthcare system go beyond the norm, demonstrating an unparalleled dedication to graduate medical education. Through faculty mentorship, a focus on well-being, a culture of collegiality, and a proactive stance on career guidance, we view the role of an attending physician as a vocation, not just a profession.

Our program inherently incorporates the traditional components found in most residencies, such as didactics, research, and autonomy. However, we enhance this foundation with the profound belief that each resident possesses immense potential for both learning and personal growth. We take our responsibility seriously, ensuring our learners gain exposure to intricate pathologies, transforming them into exemplary Obstetricians & Gynecologists. Our commitment extends to equipping our learners with resources for success, whether their aspirations lean towards private practice, academic pursuits, or sub-specialization.

We distinguish ourselves further by capitalizing on internal resources that surpass what some institutions offer their residents. This includes collaborations with other residencies within our institution, endeavors in Graduate Medical Education at our facilities, and a valuable partnership with Mercer University School of Medicine. Our residents actively engage in patient care alongside our community physicians, granting them a diverse range of experiences in clinical practice, surgical techniques, and insights into the realm of private practice.

Our commitment to our residents goes beyond boundaries, offering them distinctive avenues to elevate their training. Being a part of Advocate Health, the nation's fifth-largest healthcare system, fortifies our position by seamlessly merging a robust healthcare organization with multiple academic centers. We collaborate with our counterparts at Atrium Health-Charlotte and Atrium Health-Wake Forest in the Women’s Health academic domain, fostering improvements in patient care quality and broadening academic horizons. This partnership manifests through virtual education curricula, cross-site research initiatives, and various endeavors to ensure our learners across all programs benefit from shared expertise and resources.

At Atrium Health-Navicent, our journey towards excellence is a daily pursuit. We seize opportunities and harness resources to cultivate an optimal learning environment for our residents. If this resonates with the environment you seek for your growth, I invite you to delve deeper into what defines us.

Take care,

R. Edward Betcher, MD FACOG
Professor & Chairman of Academic Ob/Gyn
Physician Leader for Women's Health
Atrium Health-Navicent/Mercer University School of Medicine