Teaching Conferences

Our teaching conferences are very important to our residents and our program as a whole. Residents are expected maintain 80% attendance.

Board Review

Review Board preparation curriculum consists of guided study sessions on the Pediatrics in Review journal articles. We cover 5 years of issues during each 3 yr resident cycle.

Mock board exams are given every 8 weeks. We use PREP questions to keep these quizzes relevant and realistic. This helps residents gauge their progress and also helps the program identify anyone who may need extra support.

We have 13 four week blocks in our schedule. Block one is our “clinical bootcamp” series where you learn practical tips for clinical care.

General Pediatrics Lectures

  • Generally 1-2 times per week, presented by general pediatric attendings.
  • Designed to provide detailed lectures on general pediatric topics, for example: newborn nursery, inpatient and outpatient experiences.
  • Over the course of residency all major topics are covered, some on more than one occasion.
  • July is dedicated to core lectures critical to incoming interns (fluid & electrolyte management, DKA, asthma exacerbations, newborn exam, time management, etc).

Grand Rounds

  • Occurs every Thursday. Attended by residents, attendings, private physicians, medical students, nurses, and anyone else interested in the topic for the week.
  • Presentations by guest speakers, as well as our own attendings (general & subspecialty).
  • Each 3rd year resident presents once at Grand Rounds.

Journal Club

  • Held on the first Monday of each rotation and is led by residents with an attending facilitator.
  • The resident reviews medical literature about a specific topic and presents an article of his/her choosing, with subsequent group discussion.

Resident Administrative Meeting

  • Occurs once a month and includes only residents and directed by the chief residents.
  • "Closed door" fashion where resident opinions remain anonymous from attendings and administrators, etc.

Simulation Lab

  • State of the art Sim-Lab prepares residents for CPR and leading code simulations, as well as practicing procedures, including lumbar punctures, placing IVs and IOs, intubations, and others.
  • Scheduled on the third Monday of each month.
  • During July interns receive two sessions of Simlab.

Subspecialty Lectures

  • Generally 1-2 times per week, and presented by our Subspecialty attendings.
  • Each subspecialist lectures throughout residency so that all major topics are covered.

Weekly Review

  • Case presentation by a resident, with discussion facilitated by an attending. This resembles "Morning Report".
  • The resident prepares a PowerPoint that covers the case, as well as a short teaching section on the disease / management related to the case.
  • This is well attended by medical students, residents and Faculty.
  • Occurs every Friday, and each resident presents 2-3 cases per year.
  • PGY-3 residents present an Ethical topic that allows for discussion.
  • Attendees work through an interesting case from chief concern to differential diagnosis, labs, imaging and the concludes with the case outcome and clinical pearls