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Hospital Visitor Information

Visitors are a very important part of any patient's recovery, and we welcome them. To ensure our patients receive the rest they need, we ask that visitors observe the following:

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Every effort will be made to provide opportunities for family involvement in the plan of care for their family member. Nursing may discourage visitation that is disruptive or non-therapeutic.

We ask that visitors wash their hands upon entering and exiting patient rooms and other patient care areas. Please remind members of the health care team to wash their hands as well if you do not see them do so. This is for the benefit of both the patient and the visitor. Hand gels are available throughout the hospital and in patient rooms.

After 9 p.m., we ask that visitors use the Park Tower entrance.

Modifications to the hospital-wide visiting hours are made in several areas:

ICU/Critical Care visitation hours are open and generally two visitors are permitted at a time. However, the number of visitors, length of stay and frequency of visits may be altered at the discretion of the physician and/or ICU nursing staff. Visitors under the age of 10 are not allowed unless approved by the nurse. At all times, the therapeutic treatment of the patient will be the deciding factor in determining the flexibility of visitation.  Access into the ICU is provided by a controlled access door located at the front of the unit. An intercom phone is provided in the waiting room and outside the controlled access door.

Oncology: No restrictions except as requested by the Nursing Staff during special treatments/procedures.

Pediatrics: Special arrangements are made for parents and siblings. Please see the Nursing Staff for details.

Obstetrics: Special arrangements are made for fathers and siblings visiting A Place for Women. Please see the Nursing Staff for details.


Contact a Patient

By Phone: To call a patient's room, area code 478

  • Cobb Tower: Dial 451-3 then the three digit patient room number
  • 3rd Floor Park Tower: Dial 457- and the patient's 4-digit room number
  • 4th Floor Park Tower: Dial 414- and the patient's 4-digit room number

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