Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin

Understanding Your Hospital Bill and Insurance Claim

Thank you for choosing Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin as your health care provider!

We understand that hospital bills and health insurance claims can be confusing. With that in mind, we have provided this information to help you better understand billing issues. If you have any questions concerning this information about your bill, please call (478) 776-4700, and you will be directed to the person most qualified to answer your questions.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about a bill. The best number to call is always the number on the bill you are inquiring about.

Your Billing Responsibilities

  • We ask that you provide us with complete health insurance information upon registration. This includes:
    1. Presenting a valid driver's license or other legal form of identification.
    2. Presenting all insurance cards.
    3. Presenting any authorization forms.
    4. If you have been a patient at NHB before, we ask that you verify your personal information and insurance at each registration.
    5. Signatures to authorize release of information and assign benefits to the hospital.
  • Please understand and comply with the requirements of your health plan.
    1. Know your health insurance benefits:
      • Check your health policy handbook to ensure services are covered.
      • Call the telephone numbers on your insurance card for questions.
    2. Obtain prior authorizations for services.
    3. Submit claim forms or complete a coordination of benefits form as your health plan may require.
  • Please respond promptly to requests you receive from your health plan. While we will attempt to provide all information and paperwork to your health plan, sometimes they require a response from you to resolve issues related to your account or insurance coverage.

What We Will Do For You

  • If you have current insurance coverage, the hospital will bill your insurance carrier shortly after health care services are rendered.
    1. If you have more than one plan, we will bill additional carriers.
    2. There are many reasons for claim processing delays through your insurance carrier. Keep in mind that it could take months before you receive a statement from the hospital showing a balance that you are responsible for paying.
  • You may call the Business Office:
    1. Monday — Friday
      8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding all major holidays)
      Phone Number: (478) 776-4700
  • You will have access to a financial counselor or billing specialist to answer billing questions or assist you with payment issues. They will be able to assist you with:
    1. Questions concerning insurance benefits.
    2. Questions concerning hospital charges.
    3. Questions regarding payment options and financial assistance.
  • You will be treated with dignity and respect. At NHB, all patients will be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of your ability to pay.
  • You will have access to information on the hospital's Charity and Financial Assistance Programs.
    1. Patients with balances resulting from limited or no insurance coverage may qualify for our charity care or financial assistance programs.
    2. These programs are designed to assist patients who are either financially or medically indigent.
    3. A financially indigent patient is a person who is uninsured or underinsured and is accepted for care with no obligations or a discounted obligation to pay for services based on income and family size.
    4. The hospital uses poverty income guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine a person's eligibility for care as a financially indigent patient.
      • NHB may consider other financial assets and liabilities of the patient to determine ability to pay.
    5. The patient is responsible for providing information requested during the qualification process and will continue to receive a bill until eligibility for financial assistance has been determined.
    6. Please ask the financial counselor for information about these programs. Click here for a little more on financial assistance.