Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin

Labor & Delivery

Choose a Pediatrician

During your admission, you will be asked to provide the name of your chosen pediatrician so we may notify him or her as soon as your baby is born. If your pediatrician or family practice physician is not on staff at Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin, your new baby will be cared for by our on-call pediatrician during your stay. Upon discharge, we will need the name and phone number of the pediatrician or family practice physician you will use for follow-up care. This will be placed in the baby's medical record.

Should your infant develop complications or require special needs after delivery, we have a contract and transfer agreement with Atrium Health Navicent The Medical Center. This agreement provides us with access to their neonatology doctors and neonatal transport team if needed.

What to Bring to the Hospital on your Special Day

Because babies have a timetable of their own, we suggest you have an overnight bag packed and ready well in advance of your due date. Some of the items you may want to bring include:

  • Nightgowns, underwear, a nursing bra or tight-fitting bra (if not breastfeeding);
  • A comfortable robe and slippers;
  • Personal items, such as a special pillow or blanket;
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, brush, comb, razor, and cosmetics;
  • A comfortable outfit for you and your baby to wear home;
  • Important phone numbers and information, such as your social security number;
  • An approved infant car seat. Please know how to install your car seat in your car. Our staff is not permitted to install or set up car seats. Remember, an approved car seat is required by Georgia Law.
  • Camera, cell phone, charger, etc.
  • Please do not bring any personal electrical equipment that has a broken plug, frayed cord or is not in good working order.

When to Come to the Hospital

When you think you are in labor or your water breaks, call your physician immediately. He or she will notify us to prepare for your arrival. When you get to the hospital, you may use either the hospital's main entrance or the Emergency Treatment Center entrance, if needed. All of the maternity services are located on the third floor of the hospital.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our staff and escorted to your Labor-Delivery-Recovery room where your labor will be assessed. It is best to discuss in advance with your physician who you would like present during your labor and birth. Family and friends are welcome to wait in our comfortable, spacious waiting area.

Maternity Care in Our Labor-Delivery-Recovery Rooms

Our private Labor-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) rooms offer comfort and luxury, along with the latest medical technologies and skilled medical teams.

With our one-room birthing experience, your labor, delivery and recovery will be coordinated and take place within the same private, comfortable room. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and is beautifully appointed with a home-like decor. The LDR room provides a safe, warm and loving environment where the family can relax and bond with your new baby.

Should your physician determine that a cesarean birth is needed, our fully equipped and dedicated cesarean surgical room is located directly below the LDR rooms. Whenever possible, we encourage your support person to accompany you to the operating room. We realize that each birth, no matter the circumstance, is important and exciting, however, we permit only ONE support person in the operating room with you. Your nurse will be able to help getting everyone ready.

Anesthesia Services

Long before delivery, you and your physician should discuss the various anesthesia options available to you for childbirth. Complete anesthesia services are available to you throughout your labor.

Photography and Videotaping

Still photographs of the birth and the newborn after delivery are permitted. No videotaping is permitted in the cesarean surgical suite. Please check with your physicians and nurses during labor for more information.

Your Baby's First Lullaby

As part of our dedication to making your birth a memorable experience, we have a birthday chime that plays throughout the hospital whenever a baby is born.