Trauma Program


Rajani Adiga, MS
Rajani Adiga, MS Research Coordinator

As the only Level I Trauma Center in central Georgia, Atrium Health Navicent is well-known for the life-saving care it provides to its patients. Ongoing research aimed at improving patient outcomes is a strong component of the program. Trauma Services now has its first trauma research coordinator, Rajani Adiga, MS. She has an extensive background in research and data management and is responsible for administration and operation of the research projects. Current projects include both institutional and multi-institutional studies.

  • VTE Prophylaxis for TBI Patients: Retrospective study evaluating the safety and efficiency of early DUT prophylaxis in patients with traumatic brain injuries.
  • Rib Plating: Prospective randomized trial comparing resorbable plates and metal plates for the surgical stabilization of rib fractures.
  • TEG Pattern Changes: Multi-center study to analyze whether Thromboelastography (TEG) parameter changes occur before, or at, the time of venous thromboembolism (VTE) diagnosis in the already at risk trauma patient population, therefore, allowing TEG pattern changes to provide predictive value for VTE risk escalation.
  • Heatlhcare Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI): Multidisciplinary collaboration to decrease the incidence of trauma patient heathcare aquired pressure injures.
  • Tourniquet Placement: Multi-institutional study to assess the current effectiveness of tourniquet placement in both a rural and urban trauma center.
  • COVID-19 Case Series: Case series of early outcomes with utilization of tissue plasminogen activator to combat COVID-19 associated respiratory distress syndrome.
  • VIRUS (international COVID study): Study site for the Society of Critical Care Medicine viral infection and respiratory illness universal study (VIRUS): COVDI-19 registry and validation of critical care data dictionary.

For information contact:

Rajani Adiga, MS
Phone: (478) 633-1199
Fax: (478) 633-6195

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