Ambulatory Care – Medication Management Services

Clinical Services:

Clinical pharmacists, who specialize in ambulatory care, manage patients in the outpatient setting via Medication Management Services. Patients are seen for a variety of clinical services via the Anticoagulation, Medication Compliance, and Hypertension Clinics. These specialty clinics are pharmacist-managed under approved protocols. Pharmacists also provide drug information, medication recommendations, patient education and drug use evaluations to Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents, attending physicians, medical and pharmacy students, nurses, and patients.

Specific Clinical Duties

Hypertension Clinic

Patients of the WT Anderson Community Health Center may be referred for hypertension management via the Hypertension Clinic. Pharmacists provide extensive patient education and medication management to assist patients in achieving their blood pressure goals.

Anticoagulation Clinic

Patients receiving warfarin therapy are referred to this clinic for anticoagulation management. Patients are evaluated by the clinical pharmacists for therapeutic range, adverse drug reactions, diet and medication compliance, and recurrence of thrombotic events.

Medication Compliance Clinic

Patients are referred to this clinic if they have a history of non-adherence with medications, need closer follow-up, or are unable to meet their therapeutic goals with traditional medical management. The clinical pharmacists work very closely with each patient in an effort to optimize their disease state management and quality of life by improving pharmacological and non-pharmacological adherence and appointment compliance. This clinic is also utilized to provide vaccinations to patients at WT Anderson Community Health Center.