Why AngioScreen®?


  • Every 30 seconds an American has a heart attack
  • Every 40 seconds an American has a stroke
  • Every hour there are 100 deaths from vascular disease

Vascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Vascular disease is the leading cause of stroke and heart attack. We believe that our integrated vascular screening can help change your vascular fate by providing information on which you can act. Such actions can help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. AngioScreen® provides information about your heart rhythm, neck and leg arteries and fitness. We hope that this data might inform you of your CHOICES and encourage new directions for your vascular health.

An AngioScreen®uses non-invasive ultrasound technology to scan the arteries in your neck to give you a clear picture of your vascular health. In approximately 6 minutes the scan will be complete, giving you actual pictures of your arteries that you can share with your personal physician. See a Sample Report

Your AngioScreen® will also include:

ABI (Ankle Brachial Index)
A screening test for blockages in the arteries that go to the legs. Such blockage is called Peripheral Artery Disease, or PAD. Ten million people have PAD, and 90% do not know they have it. PAD carries a risk of a heart attack equal to a patient who has had a heart attack — even if PAD patient has never had a cardiac symptom. These two tests are not routinely ordered by physicians unless symptoms are present. Angioscreen® measurements provide an assessment of risk that can be enhanced by consultation with your personal physician, who may recommend other measures of vascular risk and health. Remember that all screening measures have a range of validity and none are completely accurate or 100% predictive. However, our data, along with your personal colored picture of your arteries, will provide you with important information regarding your risk assessment. Carefully consider this information in consultation with your physician—this can make a difference in your life.

CD containing your AngioScreen Results

An electronic version of your AngioScreen® results will be given to you on a CD for you to share with your physician. Even if you lose the paper version of your AngioScreen®, you can print another copy from this CD.

You can read more about AngioScreen® in our comprehensive brochure.

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