Acute Recovery Unit

Atrium Health Navicent The Medical Center is a national leader in state-of-the-art cardiovascular care.  We provide a full range of procedures and tests within our facility, including those indicated for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiac disease.  Our board certified cardiologists are committed to providing the best possible care and treatment plans are patient centered, allowing the patient to be at the epicenter of their treatment decisions.

The cardiac catheterization lab (heart cath lab), the vascular lab, and the Acute Recovery Unit (ARU) are all located on the second floor of the Luce Heart Tower.

The Acute Recovery Unit (ARU) is where cath and vascular patients come pre-procedure to be prepped and monitored.  The nurse will ensure the patient has the appropriate consents and paperwork completed and signed.  The clinical technician will assist the nurse in placing the patient on a monitor, shaving the patient (if applicable), and trying to make the patient as comfortable as possible while they wait.  Also, some physicians may order medications or diagnostic tests for the patient to have before their procedure.  The nurse will ensure that all orders have been completed.  Most patients will also return to ARU after the procedure to recover.  Many patients have position limitations for a certain time period following the procedure and may be on bed rest.  The nurse will closely monitor the patient's vital signs, as well as surgical site to ensure no bleeding or signs or hematoma are present.  The physician will determine whether or not a patient is allowed to be discharged home or if they need to stay overnight for monitoring.  If the patient is required to stay, an admission order will be entered, and the patient will wait in ARU until a hospital bed is assigned to them.  Prior to discharge, patients are given specific post procedure instructions and follow up information (if applicable).