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Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

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Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery can be a major turnaround in a woman's life. The issues associated with weakened pelvic floors are nothing to underestimate. A weakened pelvic floor can lead to situations ranging from embarrassing accidents to problems bearing children. This sort of condition may be the cause of depression and hardships in social situations. Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery is a valid option for many Pelvic Floor disorders and Urogynecology surgeons provide a number of services to suit the condition that plagues you. Here are a few reasons you might consider Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery as an option.

Prolapse of the Vagina

The upper part of the vagina begins to lower itself, turning the vagina inside out. This is very similar to that of a hemorrhoid and can be painful. Bumps can develop. Prolapse of the vagina is typically accompanied by other conditions. Rectocele or cystoceles usually are present when prolapse of the vagina occurs.

Prolapse of the Uterus

Prolapse of the uterus occurs in much the same way that prolapses of the vagina. The uterus falls in on itself and falls into the vagina. This may also be painful. Prolapse of the uterus like prolapse of the vagina is typically accompanied by other conditions such as problems defecating, bleeding, emitting a vaginal discharge, and kinking of the urethra, which causes trouble urinating.


This happens when the rectum protrudes into the wall of the vagina. This condition can make it difficult to defecate. Rectocele can cause a constant feeling of needing to defecate or even having to assist bowel movements through the vagina.


When the Bladder falls and pushes on the front side of the vaginal wall. This condition can cause problems with urination. Cystocele usually has symptoms like uncontrollable urination when doing actions that cause uncontrolled muscle reactions like coughing, or sneezing. When the bladder is overfilled, urine may also leak out uncontrollably.

There are many medications, which your doctor may prescribe you before resorting to surgery. Nevertheless, as a last resort Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery may be the best option in fighting these types of pelvic floor conditions. If you are battling any of these conditions, please consult your doctor about your best approach to treatment. There are many reasons for the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor to become weakened and cause these types of issues.


As you age the muscles and tissues that hold your organs where they are supposed to deteriorate and weaken. There are exercises you can do to keep your muscles strong and taught. However, urination incontinence begins to occur as you get to a certain age because your body weakens due to lack of use or deteriorating muscle tissue. Depending on your age, your doctor may recommend surgery to reverse these symptoms. At advanced ages, however, these may be something you will have to live with.


Giving birth causes a lot of stress on the body and especially the pelvic floor. Muscles can become torn. The excessive pushing and amount of pressure can cause organs to become displaced. In this case, doctors will try to treat your problems first with lesser remedies such as exercise and medication. If your symptoms persist, Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery may be the best approach to solving your symptoms.

Heavy Lifting

Like with pregnancy, intense straining can cause problems with the pelvic floor. Most commonly, hemorrhoids are the problem caused by heavy lifting. However, the intense pressure that comes with excessive heavy lifting can cause the other conditions listed above. When you lift a very heavy object in the correct or an incorrect manner, you are putting a great deal of stress on your pelvic floor. This stressful pressure can displace your organs or cause other problems. Whenever lifting make sure to lift with your legs and not your back, wear proper safety gear, and never lift more than you are capable.

Intense Sexual Activity

Putting your pelvic floor under extreme stress is an opportunity to cause yourself physical harm. Normal sexual activity is healthy and actually good exercise for your pelvic muscles. The contraction of muscles strengthens your vaginal and pelvic muscles and keeps them continent for a longer period. However, extreme sexual conditions can be the cause of the above symptoms. Whenever sexually active be sure to practice safe sex in the sense of not allowing your partner to cause you bodily harm. Stars in pornography are especially prone to having urinary continence issues after only a few years of their career.

Having a Hysterectomy

Because of the trauma that removal of the uterus can have in the pelvic area, a hysterectomy may have some adverse effects on the pelvic floor. Removing the uterus will disconnect some muscles from the organ that would otherwise been intact. This leaves other pelvic organs more likely to prolapse "fall in on them"". Hysterectomies are a risk factor for several conditions. Therefore, if you have had this procedure in the past and are feeling discomfort, you should seek medical attention. After suffering any significant trauma to your pelvic organs you should be sure and maintain checkups with your doctor to keep them aware of any lasting discomfort.

Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery may be an answer to a number of sincerely difficult to deal with problems. Conditions involving the pelvic floor can be embarrassing, painful, and downright unbearable. Please do not suffer through these symptoms. Approach your doctor about a solution.