Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

When you’re facing infertility or a reproductive issue, growing your family can mean frequent doctors’ visits for testing and treatments. At Atrium Health Navicent, we make it easy for you to get the necessary testing, ultrasounds and monitoring in Macon, GA.

In addition to performing fertility testing, we’re home to the only dedicated andrology laboratory in the region and provide specialized services for male fertility. Our board-certified embryologist/andrologist works closely with reproductive endocrinologists and fertility centers across the Southeast and has decades of experience in infertility and reproductive medicine. Count on us for a level of knowledge, understanding and support you won’t find just anywhere.

Why choose Atrium Health Navicent?

We offer fertility testing and monitoring close to home. For your convenience, we work closely with your provider and send your labs and images directly to them for further analysis.

Fertility testing

Diagnosing and treating infertility often requires a combination of testing to create the best, most customized treatment plan. In addition to routine blood work, we offer:

  • Estradiol testing, a blood test taken early in your menstrual cycle to measure levels of estradiol (a type of estrogen) and ovarian reserve
  • Progesterone testing, a blood test to measure progesterone levels and see if low progesterone is contributing to infertility
  • Ovulation testing, a urine test that measures the luteinizing hormone (LH) to help predict ovulation
  • Beta hCG testing, an early pregnancy blood test performed after an embryo transfer
  • Ultrasounds, which can be performed during your fertility journey to create clear images of reproductive organs, including the uterus and ovaries

Male fertility testing

Many couples facing infertility are dealing with more than one concern. When applicable, male fertility testing might be necessary, and we have the only dedicated andrology laboratory in the region, with services that include:

  • Semen analysis before in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Leukocytospermia (pyospermia) analysis to check for white blood cell counts in semen
  • Post-ejaculatory urinalysis to see if sperm is present in urine
  • Freezing of semen (sperm cryopreservation) before cancer treatment or vasectomy
  • Post-vasectomy sperm count to monitor the decrease in sperm after a vasectomy

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