Atrium Health Navicent Women's Care

Our 56-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU) at The Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia is a special unit for infants born preterm, some weighing less than one pound, and other critically ill newborns which require specialized treatment. The unit is designed with state of the art equipment for infants and a hospital staff who have special training in neonatal newborn care. The NNICU offers two levels of care; 42-bed Level III intensive care and 14-bed Level II intermediate care, both designed to assist in your baby's development. Many of these infants require surgical and sub-specialist services, which are all available here at The Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

The NNICU treats over 700 infants each year from 30 surrounding counties in the Central Georgia area. For more than 25 years, we have provided exceptional care for critically ill newborn babies. Our team made up of Neonatologists, specially trained neonatal nurses, nurse practitioners, neonatal nutritionist, social workers, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, OT/PT therapists, lactation consultants, and pharmacists which assist in the diagnosis, coordination of medical care, and management of your baby 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our NNICU is one of 6 Regional Referral Centers in the state of Georgia. The Neonatal Transport team at The Medical Center of Central Georgia provides a "mobile intensive care unit" to the hospitals in our region. We provide intensive care to even the smallest babies through the use of special transporters which are equipped with monitors and ventilators.

The NNICU supports your new baby in a healing environment by using sophisticated technology such as specialized flooring which reduces noise, acoustic ceiling tiles, infant music therapy, and indirect lighting to promote healthy brain development. We encourage you to visit your baby as much as possible and take part in many aspects of care, such as kangaroo care, breastfeeding and other ways to facilitate and promote parent bonding. The NNICU at The Children's Hospital at The Medical Center of Central Georgia is committed to providing world class care for you and your baby in a family-centered environment close to home.

For more information call 478-633-KIDS or visit The Children's Hospital at Navicent Health.

A new born baby in the NICU