Our Care Team

This is a teaching hospital. The staff is made up of a multidisciplinary team of Pediatric Critical Care doctors, nurses, residents, nurse practitioners, social workers, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, counselors, child life therapist, and nutritionists. There may be medical students working with each of these professionals as they care for your child.

Intensivists are physicians who have additional training in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. They oversee the care of patients in the PICU and PIMCU.

Residents are physicians who have obtained their M.D. degree from an accredited medical school. They have chosen to specialize in Pediatrics, therefore they rotate throughout the entire hospital as part of their continued education and often will be the first physician to evaluate your child's medical illness.

Nurse Practitioners (NP or CRNP) are registered professional nurses with advanced education and training in the care of patients. Nurse Practitioners functions as providers similar to a physician.

Registered Nurses (RNs) are nurses who have obtained their nursing degree form an accredited nursing school. When providing patient care, they may ask questions, perform an assessment, record and report symptoms, reactions, and progress. They also perform treatments such as starting IVs and administering medications.

Child Life Specialists are professionals who work with patients and families to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization and illness. They provide patients with age-appropriate preparation for medical procedures such as "¦.

Clinical Technicians (CT) are individuals qualified by clinical experience or other training to provide patient care services by assisting the registered nurse. Their duties include activities such as taking vital signs of patients, transporting patients, stocking of supplies, and sitting with patients one-on-one as needed.

Registered Respiratory Therapists (RT) specialize in patient's breathing. They are under doctor's supervision to treat a patient's breathing problem. They treat the problem with oxygen, medication or a combination of both remedies.

Social Worker/Discharge Planning Coordinator has a degree in Social Work from an accredited college or university. They connect families with resources that may be needed post discharge, and also act as liaison between families, DFCS, law enforcement, and the medical staff. Assist with parent/caregiver needs while child is in the hospital.

Transition Counselor has a degree in family and marriage therapy. They work with children and their families to assist in coping with life changing illnesses and injuries, life limiting conditions, and grief following a death.