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For many people, Orthopedic trauma may be an unfamiliar term but for those who have suffered from a life threatening accident or suffer from severe intense pain from a previous injury, it's a word that brings help, hope and recovery.

Patient account, "" June 17th, 2014 my boyfriend and I were on the way to a Braves game, it was out first date, when a Jeep slammed on breaks in front of us and it caused us to swerve to miss them and it just so happened that an 18 wheeler was there in the lane beside us and we collided with an 18 wheeler. And it resulted in it tipping over on top of my legs. From there I was in the car for about an hour or so until they got me out and I was life flighted to the medical center. And from there I was in the ER and then had a 4 hour surgery that night. And 12 surgeries sine then, 9 of them being Orthopedic surgeries that Dr Webb has done, all consisting of debridement, skin grafting, hardware placement, bone repair, muscle repair.. One of the first things they said were, ""you're doing good, and were not thinking about amputation, but its on the table"". I have wound vacs on both of my legs and Dr Webb actually helped invent those, so that was kind of cool. But Dr Webb and his team were great through the whole entire thing. Any appointment I've had, it makes me feel so special because most doctors just go in and say what they have to say and leave but he really would spend the time to sit in the room with me, ask me questions, figure out what I've been up to. A year later, I'm now back in school, I'm not playing softball but I've picked up golf again, which I played in high school. And I'm a nanny now, I love working with the kids and I love having fun. We fish and go swimming so that's always a god time.

At Orthopedic Trauma Institute, Navicent Health, you can expect to receive the highest level of care from the level one trauma center at Navicent Health to the team of board certified orthopedic traumatologists at OTI.

Patient account, ""One Sunday afternoon, December 14th 2014, me and my fiancée decided to go for a bike ride. She's been riding for about 5 months, I ride nearly every day. I'm not a fair-weather rider, I ride on a regular basis, but she doesn't get to. So, we went for a ride, headed down to Macon. We stopped and had lunch, we left there, and we pulled out on to the 4 lane there and as it narrowed back down to a 2 lane, there was an Explorer in the right-hand lane with a right turn signal on. So, we moved on past, regular speed, 35-40 miles an hour, I mean we were in town. And this person decided to make an illegal U-turn. Turned in front of me and stopped due to on coming traffic. I tried desperately to avoid her but I clipped the back left corner. My left knee was point of impact. And it flipped me over, tore the bike up. I woke up, well I didn't wake up, I never really got knocked out, but I was laying on the asphalt. Luckily the car that she stopped for, there was an off-duty EMT in the car. So, the first guy to get to me was a trained EMT technician. I never lost consciousness. I know when I landed there, my left foot was on my right side facing the wrong way. I straightened my leg out, thank goodness for shock I suppose, I felt nothing. Except for my hip, it was sore. I thought it was my back, I thought I'd sprained my back. Luckily, I was 10 minutes from the best hospital on the planet, Navicent Health in Macon Georgia. Home of Lawrence Webb and Daniel Chan, two guys that have God given talents that they didn't waste. I got there and well, 12 hours later I woke up in a hospital room with a plate and 5 screws in my hip, a big external frame on my left leg and learning a whole bunch of new medical terms I never heard before. They did everything they could. After several surgeries, umm, they were gonna give it the weekend, the following weekend to see if it wouldn't start getting some circulation in it so everything would work out. Saturday morning Lawrence Webb was just making his rounds, on a Saturday morning when most people are sleeping late. He comes walking through, checked my vital signs, it didn't look good. He gave me the options of what I could do and well, it was life or limb. I trusted him. I knew from the way they had treated me that week in the hospital, they knew what they were doing. They had my total confidence. And I told them to go ahead and amputate my leg. Because of the 90 days that I had to be in a wheel chair, and I'm not one to sit still, I got bored. I started remodeling my kitchen. Sheetrock, cabinets, flooring, moved the sink, moved the fridge, the whole nine yards. So I guess you could say home improvement became my physical therapy and by the time I got my leg, I was probably stronger than before I had my accident. And I was ready to go ahead and give it a try. Two weeks on the crutches, one week on one crutch, ad then I was on a cane. I still use the cane occasionally just to take some weight off of the hip. Just to shift my weight so I can take some of the strain off of the hip. But after two and a half months I'd say 50% of the time I'm walking without a cane. I'll tell you, I don't know that I would have been able to do this well had it not been for the gifted hands of the surgeons at Navicent Health. I was truly blessed to end up in a hospital with Lawrence Webb and Daniel Chan.""

Orthopedic Trauma Institute Fellowship trained specialist, Doctor Webb and Doctor Chan, are highly trained in every area of Orthopedic Trauma care. From initial life saving measures and critical care to reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. If you have suffered a traumatic injury or still suffer from day to day pain from an old injury, call the specialists at Orthopedic Trauma Institute, Navicent Health today and begin your road to recovery.