Meet the Team

An accomplished team of professionals including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, bereavement staff, nursing assistants and volunteers provide all hospice services under the direction of a physician.

Primary Physician and the Hospice Medical Director

Once the physician states there is no more treatment available to cure the disease and that life expectancy is limited, the physician remains responsible and involved in the patient's care. The only difference is that the hospice team is now involved and helps guide the care for the patient/family.

RN Case Manager

Each patient's assigned a RN case manager who coordinates care and handles any nursing needs. The nurse helps prevent and relieve pain and other symptoms. They teach caregivers ways to provide care. The nurse makes certain that necessary medical supplies and equipment are ordered. They assist in monitoring medications and ensure that physicians are aware of the patient's status and that orders are followed.

Social Worker

To help the patient and family handle emotions and challenges, a social worker is assigned.

Services that may be provided by the social worker include:

  • Offering emotional support, counseling, and guidance to the patient and family in coping with stress related to the illness.
  • Identifying community resources that are available.
  • Assisting the patient / family with planning for funeral arrangements, nursing home placement, etc.
  • Providing information about Living Wills and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Hospice Nursing Assistant

Hospice Nursing Assistant services are provided under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to patients who have a need for personal care on a part-time basis. Our Hospice Nursing Assistants have had experience in caring for people in need & have been carefully chosen to provide care for the patients of this agency. These staff members assist with the patient's personal care, which may include bathing, hair care, shaving, skin care, linen changes and straightening the patient's immediate surroundings.


Hospice spiritual care is based on a high respect for the patients' and caregivers' beliefs. The Hospice chaplain does not impose his/her personal belief systems or seek to change the beliefs of others, but leads people gently and lovingly to discover answers to their own spiritual questions. Chaplains often serve as a liaison between families and their religious community. Chaplains also often assist with memorial services and funeral arrangements.


A vital part of Atrium Health Navicent Hospice Atrium Health Navicent Hospice Pine Pointe Hospice is the carefully selected, well-trained volunteers working alongside the professional staff. These special individuals provide many different types of support for the Hospice program & those coping with terminal illness, grief and loss. They are good listeners, nonjudgmental, adaptable and desire to reach out with love and concern to others.

Patient/Family Care Volunteers provide emotional support and companionship to the patient/family, and respite care for the caregiver. These volunteers help patients/families cope with stress involved with the illness. They receive specialized training with continuing education provided, to ensure that they are adequately prepared for this special kind of caring.

Bereavement Care Volunteers provide support to those who have survived the loss of a loved-one. They understand grief and assist the survivor in coping and adjusting to a new life. Training and continuing grief education are required for Bereavement Care Volunteers