Atrium Health Navicent Peach

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The Atrium Health Navicent Peach Respiratory Department provides diagnostic testing, treatments and care to patients suffering from lung and heart disorders.

Diagnosis of heart disease is the key to proper treatment and prevention of a heart attack. From cardiac stress testing to extensive cardio-pulmonary tests, the Atrium Health Navicent Peach Respiratory Department offers services available at larger hospitals.

The department is staffed with registered respiratory therapists and certified respiratory therapy technicians specially trained to perform these procedures.

Respiratory is an integral part of patient care services at Atrium Health Navicent Peach. Providing services in inpatient and outpatient settings, the department screens for heart and lung disorders.

Routine studies/tests are performed during the regular weekday business hours.

Tests include electrocardiograms (EKGs), pulmonary function (PFTs breathing tests that check lung function) and arterial blood gas sampling (ABGs checking blood-oxygen levels).

Respiratory Therapists also set up and maintain Holter and event monitors, administer handheld nebulizer therapy and assist with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They also provide Ventilator or life support management, intubation or Placing Artificial Airways, pulse-oximetry, chest physiotherapy, continuous positive airway pessure and oxygen management.

Most of these procedures are non-invasive tests to evaluate your heart, oxygen levels in your blood, lung function.

Want to know more about these procedures? Here is a brief explanation of the key tests performed at Atrium Health Navicent Peach.


An electrocardiogram, often called an ECG, is a simple and safe test used to check the heart's electrical function.

Event Monitor

An Event Monitor is an electronic device that will allow you to record a tracing of your heart's action (EKG) when you have a symptom such as feeling faint, dizziness, or palpitations. The monitor is loaned to you for one month.

Holter or Ambulatory Monitor

An Ambulatory Monitor, sometimes called a Holter, is a painless monitoring of your heart beat up to 24-48 hours. You will be asked to wear a very small recording device. Your monitor weighs less than a pound and is the size of pager. The monitor will record every beat of your heart for as long as you wear the equipment.

A specially trained technician will attach the monitor to you. You should go about your daily routine (unless instructed by your doctor to do otherwise). Your Ambulatory Monitor will work quietly in the background keeping track of your heart's activity.

Pulmonary Function Testing

We have a full function PFT Lab able to perform any of the PFT tests ordered in the middle Georgia area including but not limited to Plethysmography, Lung Diffusion testing and methocholine challenges.