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Pediatric Nurse - Mark Blake RN-BC

 Mark Blake RN-BC

I became a nurse when after leaving the Military, I wanted to do something with my career that would challenge me daily and make a difference in someone else's life. A child's illness is often a very difficult time for a family, and I felt I could make a difference in my patient's hospital journey.

Emergency Room Frances Johnson RN, BSN, CEN, TCRN

Frances Johnson

Our parents have always instilled moral values to my siblings and I growing up, and have always encouraged us to seek professional opportunities that would not only make an impact on our personal lives but more importantly to the well-being of others as well. Coming from a proud and dedicated line of medical professionals in my family, it's easy to say that nursing is in my DNA!

But I sought inspiration in becoming a nurse early on and realized the importance of pursuing this career path before I even completed my secondary education. To me, Nursing is more than just about helping patients, comforting families, mentoring students and new nurses and working with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. It brings a unique blend of challenges and rewards that constantly contribute positively to my personal and professional endeavors, whether it's by making a difference to our patients who need attention, to ease someone's pain and struggles, or to work amidst a robust and committed team of fellow nurses, ambulance staff, doctors, therapists and staff in a constantly dynamic atmosphere.

Infusion Center -Tonya McClain RN, BSN, ONC

Tonya McClain

I've always enjoyed helping other people and making people feel better. When I was about 12, my grandmother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and spent nights with her helping her during her treatment. I knew then that I was supposed to be a nurse.

Nurse Navigator Sandra Broomfield RN-BC, BSN

 Sandra Broomfield

I chose nursing as a career for several different reasons. My main reason for choosing nursing as a career is my love and compassion for taking care of sick and vulnerable people. The next reason that I chose nursing as a career because nursing is a profession where learning is never complete. I knew that if I would become a nurse that there would be many opportunities in nursing for me and so many ways to challenge myself and learn new things. And lastly, I knew that as a nurse as far as the future, with career opportunities the sky would be the limit for me.