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Message from our CNO

Tracey's Philosophy- her vision, mission and values for Navicent Nurses

Tracey Blalock RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC

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When patients and families walk through the doors of Navicent Health they can expect to receive the highest quality nursing care by some of the most phenomenal nurses. The nurses at Navicent Health follow evidenced based guidelines to provide care for those in need at their most vulnerable times as they also serve as the voice of the customer in patient advocacy. Navicent encourages professional development by supporting higher learning, professional education and nursing certification to make sure the nurses are prepared for what they encounter and ensuring excellent outcomes. The nurses at Navicent are active in Professional Development, Research and Shared Governance which allows them to have a voice in their professional practice environment.

I personally believe that each nurse has leadership abilities within them. You see these characteristics of quality patient care and excellence every day at Navicent. Our nurses use their skills to not only meet those goals but to exceed them. Because of the nursing staff at Navicent and the high-quality outcomes that we have, we have achieved the highest standard of excellence for nursing care with our Magnet® designation. I truly believe that every nurse that encounters a patient has a part of how and why we are Magnet. I am so proud to work among the excellent nurses that we have at Navicent.