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January 2019 Daisy Award Winner

Daisy Award Winner Jeri

We would like to nominate Jeri Chauta RN from the Family Birth Center unit for The Daisy Award. This letter serves only as a small token of recognition she deserves as a nurse. To pick amongst the plethora of words that can, and surely have been used, to describe Jeri is a challenge alone. Kind, helpful, intelligent, caring, advocate... the list is endless. If I had to choose one word to work with on her behalf, it would be COMPASSION. Her extraordinary acts of compassion, presence and relationships created with patients, families, coworkers, ancillary staff and physicians truly elevate the culture of our unit. Her "in the moment presence" provides an easy path for others to connect with. Meaningful relationships are developed that weave a foundation of trust and togetherness. Recently Jeri had a patient with a social situation that is easily judged by others. The mother was soon to be incarcerated with DFACS involvement. Jeri went above and beyond to allow time for goodbyes prior to the mother's discharge. She was empathetic to the mother's situation and made their precious time together as meaningful as possible. Upon discharge this mother thanked her for her compassion and understanding. We can all learn from her caring encounters in difficult situations.

Daisy Award Winner Jeri

Her humility is ever present, and she will certainly say she did nothing special or it was just her job, but we all know how exceptional she is. Jeri handles difficult situations, change and challenges with positivity. She has taken on a new role in the unit with not only a keen eye for improvement and structure but the way she communicates with coworkers and leaders provides an opportunity for transparent discussions which lays the groundwork for teamwork, buy-in and change acceptance. She is one of those people that you just want to be around. I hope this letter conveys the exceptional nurse Atrium Health Navicent has amongst us.

Best Regards,
Nancy Wilson