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Raise Awareness for Better Hearing and Speech Month with Atrium Health Navicent

Founded in 1927, Better Hearing and Speech Month is Observed Each May

The community is invited to join Atrium Health Navicent in raising awareness of communication disorders during Better Hearing and Speech Month.

At Rehabilitation Hospital, Navicent Health, patients receive help in restoring the ability to communicate following a traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurological disease and other illnesses.

Trained speech-language pathologists assess patients’ speech and language abilities and implement strategies to improve patients’ ability to effectively communicate and regain their independence. For patients with swallowing disorders, speech-language pathologists help patients become able to safely eat and drink.

“For most of us, the ability to talk and eat is something we never think about. It's automatic; but for some patients who have experienced an illness or injury, it’s not that easy,” said Madison Criswell, lead Speech-Language Pathologist at Rehabilitation Hospital, Navicent Health. “It's our goal to help patients recover their independence after being unable to safely eat and drink or effectively communicate their needs and wants. Being able to help a patient say 'I love you,' or eat their favorite food again is so rewarding."

Better Hearing and Speech Month, founded in 1927, is also an opportunity to encourage everyone to have their hearing checked and protect their hearing.

To protect your hearing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you wear earplugs or noise-cancelling earmuffs when you’re exposed to loud noises such as shooting a firearm. The CDC also suggests not using headphones for a long time. Instead, it’s recommended that you turn the volume down and take periodic breaks from the noise.

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