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Not All Healthcare Heroes Provide Clinical Care

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Environmental Services Key in Health System's Fight Against COVID-19

Throughout the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, much attention has been given to the healthcare heroes who are on the frontline of the response to the virus. Not all healthcare heroes provide hands on patient care. Atrium Health Navicent would like to recognize the Environmental Services (EVS) teammates who ensure its hospitals and outpatient facilities remain clean and virus free, minimizing the potential risk to those who rely on Atrium Health Navicent for care.

"Our EVS teammates play a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. These healthcare heroes ensure that all areas of our facilities - from patient rooms to registration areas and all points in between - are properly sanitized to ensure viruses do not spread. Their role is always critical, but particularly important as we work together to curb COVID-19," said Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, President and CEO of Atrium Health Navicent.

At Atrium Health Navicent, EVS teammates have a number of tools at their disposal, including the following:

The use of Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayers to sanitize waiting areas.

The use of Tru-D UVC technology to sanitize patient rooms.

Specific processes, dedicated equipment and disposable supplies for COVID-19 patient areas.

Increased attention to high touch surfaces, such as seating areas and elevator buttons.

Partnership with teammates outside of the EVS department to provide guidelines on maintaining cleanliness.

"We are very appreciative to our EVS team for the role they play in ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and teammates through proper cleaning of the care environments. Although their work tends to be unseen, they're a vital part of our response to COVID-19 and will continue to be vital as we return to normal business operations. We appreciate their tireless dedication in this fight," said Amanda Mewborn, RN, Vice President of Facility Planning and Development, Atrium Health Navicent.

To schedule a demonstration of Tru-D or Clorox Total 360 technologies, please contact Public Relations, Atrium Health Navicent.

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