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New Rapid Medical Screening Area Helps Cut Emergency Center Wait Times


MACON, GA (March 7, 2011) – Overcrowding and long wait times are a major issue for emergency rooms nationwide. The Emergency Center at The Medical Center of Central Georgia recognizes this problem and continues to improve efficiency. Taking a big step to alleviate this quandary is the creation of the Rapid Medical Screening Area at the front end of the Emergency Center. A ribbon cutting event to officially open the new area is scheduled for Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. This is not a public event; however, the media is invited to attend.


Part of the waiting area was renovated to create space for the Rapid Medical Screening Area. This new screening and treating domain will provide more timely service to patients who present with apparently non-life threatening problems. This area now has 12 additional treatment bays for provision of care to patients. Patients in need of immediate or life-saving procedures are still provided immediate care.


“Patients are being seen more rapidly now and diagnostic workups are getting done more quickly,” Medical Director of Emergency Services Dr. Delanor Doyle said. “We get the patients into the room, they see a provider, he or she orders the necessary tests, and then the patient is moved from that area to await the results. Patients are later placed in a consultation room to discuss those results with their provider. This allows us to see more patients in a short period of time.”