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Join Atrium Health Navicent in Observing Men’s Health Month

Men in the US die at higher rates than women from heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries

In observance of Men’s Health Month, Atrium Health Navicent encourages men to make their health a priority and complete prescribed health screenings while also modeling healthy habits to put young boys on a path for a healthy future.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men in the U.S. on average die five years earlier than women and die at higher rates from heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries.

Fortunately, many of the major health risks men face can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis. Men and boys can also take steps to improve their health such as:

· Eating healthier: Healthy food choices help reduce heart disease risk. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.

· Exercising daily: Even 30 minutes each day can help you live longer and healthier.

· Scheduling a visit with a primary care physician: Having regular check-ups with a primary care physician and following up on prescribed screenings can help catch potential problems early when they’re easier to treat. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate cancer or colon cancer. Your family history may affect when you get screened for those diseases.

· Quitting smoking: Smoking increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and erectile dysfunction.

· Getting vaccinated against COVID-19

“The main thing is to have an open mind about having a conversation with your doctor,” said Dr. Harry Strothers, Chief of Family Medicine at Family Health Center, Navicent Health. “Just because you’ve been lucky in the past, it doesn’t mean that you’ll continue to be lucky. Look at the facts, have the testing and change your lifestyle as needed to be proactive about your health and as healthy as possible.”

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