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Governor Reappoints Atrium Health Navicent Palliative Care Director Carol Babcock to Georgia Palliative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council

Babcock will serve until July 2024

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp has reappointed Atrium Health Navicent Palliative Care and Healthy Communities Director Carol Babcock to serve on the Georgia Palliative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council. Initially appointed in 2019 to complete a member’s unexpired term, Babcock will now serve until July 1, 2024.

The Advisory Council is tasked with consulting with and advising the Department of Community Health on matters related to the establishment, maintenance, operation and outcomes evaluation of palliative care initiatives across the state.

“Carol’s work ensures patients and their families receive excellent care and treatment as they face difficult end-of-life circumstances,” said Atrium Health Navicent President and CEO Delvecchio Finley. “She is an asset to Atrium Health Navicent, and through her work on the Council, an asset to all Georgians.”

Babcock, is the founding manager of the Center for Palliative Care at Atrium Health Navicent and creator of the hospital system’s innovative counselor-based palliative care program. A leader in the hospice and palliative care field, she is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and authors articles based on her team approach to palliative care.

Babcock has also served as a member of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium, a work group for cancer care centers tasked with improving access to palliative care for Georgia patients. The Georgia Palliative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council was formed as a result of the Consortium’s work.

The Advisory Council is composed of nine members: The House Health and Human Services chair, Senate Health and Human Services chair, two members appointed by the Speaker of the House, two members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and three members appointed by the Governor.

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