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Georgia Trend Names State's 2020 Top Doctors

Twenty-eight Physicians Practicing at Atrium Health Navicent Named Top In State

Georgia Trend, a regional business publication offering business analysis to more than 50,000 subscribers, recently released its "Georgia Trend 2020 Top Doctors" listing, including almost 30 midstate physicians among the best in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Trend included the following physicians who practice at Atrium Health Navicent in its 2020 listing:

Richard Ackermann, MD, gerontologist

Dennis Ashley, MD, general surgeon, trauma & critical care surgeon

Tarek Bisat, MD, pediatric endocrinologist

Wesley Blackwood, MD, pediatric cardiologist

Benjie Christie, MD, general surgeon, trauma & critical care surgeon

Sarah Choo-Yick, MD, family medicine physician

Nanette Crowley, MD, rheumatologist

Robert Jonathan Dean, MD, pulmonologist

Sanford Duke, MD, otolaryngologist

Reuben Ellis, MD, nephrologist

Rosegenee Ellis, MD, hospice & palliative physician

Wendell Ellis, MD, invasive cardiologist

Yameika Head, MD, forensic pediatrician

Mark Hendricks, MD, pulmonologist

Brian Geary, MD, urologist

Raj Gupta, MD, hematology oncologist

Azmi Kabbani, MD, nephrologist

Harold Katner, MD, infectious disease specialist

MaLourdes Mina Katner, MD, obstetrics/gynecologist

David Kent, MD dermatologist

Ritu Kumar, MD, infectious disease specialist

James Lennon, MD, hematology oncologist

John Mix, MD, vascular surgeon

Candi Nobles-James, MD, endocrinologist

Samuel Robinson, MD, urologist

Jeffrey Stephens, MD, infectious disease specialist

Brad Stevens, MD, internal medicine physician

John Wood, MD, emergency medicine physician

"We are honored to have so many of our world class physicians recognized by Georgia Trend. These physicians are not only impacting patient care directly, but many have leadership roles within our health system, and many are educating and training the next generation through our residency and fellowship programs. At Atrium Health Navicent, our goal is to ensure central Georgia is a healthcare hub, providing hope and healing for Georgians regardless of where they live. This recognition by Georgia Trend is evidence that we are achieving this goal," said Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, President and CEO of Atrium Health Navicent.

Georgia Trend is the only statewide business publication in the market, reaching more than 50,000 subscribers. The monthly publication offers analysis of business and political trends around the state and economic development at the local level; creates a forum for leaders to voice their opinions on critical issues; and recognizes individuals who make a positive impact on the state.

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