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Finalists Announced in 2020 Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge (GHIC)

Entrepreneurs Invited to Propose Solutions to Real World Healthcare Challenges

Atrium Health Navicent - in partnership with Atlanta Tech Village, Georgia HIMSS and TAG Digital Health - has announced the finalists for the 2020 Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge (GHIC).

The partners launched the Challenge on July 30 with the mission of fostering collaboration between medical and technology providers to improve the delivery of healthcare in Georgia. Two Georgia healthcare CEOs presented specific, real-world challenges, inviting the healthcare technology community to propose potential solutions through the Challenge. The two challenges and respective finalists are:

Challenge 1: Predictive Modeling

Presented by Dale Boylston, CEO of TC2

The goal for those who accepted this challenge is to create a solution to identify at risk individuals in order to improve their care delivery and experience.

Challenge 1 Finalists:

· Archimedes Medical - Archimedes Medical is a physician led data and decision science company transforming healthcare by extending human capabilities with artificial intelligence.

· JVION - Jvion provides healthcare organizations with an accurate and concise way to address avoidable patient harm, financial risks and adverse member health outcomes.

· Myia Health - Myia is a data driven operating system for value-based care and supports transformation of patient care, from the hospital to the home.

· Shoar, LLC - Shoar, LLC (Smart Health Operations and Revenue Solutions) has over 40 years of experience in healthcare and artificial intelligence, with teammates including experts in the healthcare industry (Windham Brannon) and academia (Georgia Institute of Technology).

Challenge 2: Pediatric Asthma

Presented by Laura Gentry, CEO of Medical Center of Peach County, Atrium Health Navicent

The goal for those who accepted this challenge is to create a novel approach to assist children and teenagers managing their asthma

Challenge 2 Finalists:

360Medlink- 360Medlink develops clinically tested digital therapies in specialty conditions and delivers to special populations worldwide.

Thorasys Thorasys - Thorasys designs, manufactures and markets respiratory medical devices such as the Tremoflo and the REOM®. Thorasys applies state-of-the-art research and technology in the development of products for the assessment and monitoring of lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis.

Treks - Treks is a gamified health management solution that captivates children and parents throughout their journey to develop the skills they need for self-management.

"We received many outstanding proposals and had a difficult time narrowing down the finalists as all participants submitted top quality proposals. We thank everyone who participated in the Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge (GHIC), and are excited to work with finalists, champions and communities on phase 2 of the Challenge," said Isabelle Magnin, Atrium Health Navicent's Head of Innovation and GHIC Selection Committee Chair.

The Challenge will culminate on October 29 with a forward pitch event, where Challenge finalists will present their solutions to the GHIC CEO Champions and Partners with the healthcare and healthcare technology industries invited to listen in. Challenge winners will be provided a nurturing and creative environment, beta clients and partners, and industry support in order to help bring their solution to market.

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About Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge Partners

The vision of the Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge is to foster collaboration between medical and technology providers to improve the delivery of healthcare in Georgia. The program is hosted in partnership between Atrium Health Navicent with support from Atlanta Tech Village, Georgia HIMSS, and TAG Digital Health.