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Angel Flight Soars Pilots Volunteer to Fly COVID-19 Tests for Faster Results

Beginning Monday, April 13, 2020, Angel Flight Soars volunteer pilots will be available to depart daily from Lowe Aviation in Macon, Ga., to deliver COVID-19 tests from Atrium Health Navicent to laboratories in Charlotte, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn. Flying test specimens will enhance turnaround time for test results for healthcare providers across central and south Georgia, including Atrium Health Navicent facilities and the community physicians and clinics who rely on Atrium Health Navicent's laboratory services.

For 37 years, Angel Flight Soars has coordinated free flights for individuals in need of transportation to life-changing medical treatments. Fueled by the philosophy that geography or financial boundaries should not prevent people from getting the medical care they need, Angel Flight Soars provides hop for families in times of crisis.

During times of disaster, Angel Flight Soars has leveraged their pilots and aircraft to take critical supplies and personnel to where they are needed most. They work closely with FEMA, GEMA, the American Red Cross and other agencies to support disaster relief efforts, all while continuing to help the patients that rely on their services every day.

Angel Flight Soars remains committed to offering their essential medical transport during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteer pilots are flying COVID-19 test specimens to labs to ensure expedient test results.

Atrium Health Navicent's laboratory receives test specimens from community physicians and outpatient clinics throughout central and south Georgia, in addition to collecting test specimens from The Medical Center, Medical Center of Peach County, Atrium Health Navicent Baldwin, Monroe County Hospital and Putnam General Hospital. Although Atrium Health Navicent has been collecting COVID-19 test specimens, the health system currently does not have the capability to test the specimens in house and has been sending COVID-19 test specimens to labs by ground courier.

Because Angel Flight Soars is extending its daily medical transport service for COVID-19 test specimens to Atrium Health Navicent, specimens will reach testing facilities in Charlotte, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn. Much quicker, allowing for expedited results.

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