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Skyler the teddy bearThe Skyler Bear project

A teddy bear named Skyler, with a colorful story book and a narrative CD with original songs, brings comfort to children who are experiencing the emotions of grief.

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The Skyler Bear Project
One of the things that we provide for family members and the children is a little bear. It was called Spenoza before, but we have decided to design our own bear and we have named him after a previous patient that we took care of. His name was Skyler. And Skyler died about a year ago. And we've designed this bear and we're actually gonna progress towards the development of him and use him as a gift to give to our family members. To give to family members who have small children who really don't know how to express or deal with grief. This is one of the best ways we've found to help children deal with grief, to give them something tangible, something they can hold and hug, and speak to when they're alone. Because frequently, children find it difficult to talk to adults. And we have found this to be extremely successful. And we want to grow this and really make something happen with it.