MRI Center Navicent Health

SIGNA™ Architect

Signa Scanner

Navicent Health and Radiology Associates of Macon are excited to announce the installation of new scanning technology at the MRI Center Navicent Health that combines the advancements in MR with the sophisticated engineering of a 3.0T wide bore system. This new scanner provides a whole new level of patient comfort with adaptable coil designs and acceleration techniques that minimize scan times and improve image quality. This is just another example of MRI Center Navicent Health's commitment to providing our patients with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology.

This new scanner, the SIGNA™ Architect, is an incredibly versatile and adaptable system available from GE Healthcare. Built with patients in mind, the SIGNA"„¢ Architect is redefining the imaging experience with feet-first comfort options and scan capabilities that continue to push the conventional limits of MR. Equipped with the SIGNA™Works productivity platform, SIGNA™ Architect dramatically improves clinical performance levels through innovative applications that visualize the body like never before.