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Why choose The MRI Center of Central Georgia for your child?

The only center in central Georgia providing pediatric sedation administered by board certified pediatric physicians.

What can you and your child expect from The MRI Center of Central Georgia?

An MRI is an imaging technique that uses no ionizing radiation (no X-rays) in order to provide high quality images of the brain, spine and other areas. MRI is very sensitive to motion and patients must lie very still for their MRI scan.

MRI's are painless. Usually children 8 years or older do fine without sedation because they are able to lie still for their MRI scan.

How your child should prepare for an MRI at the The MRI Center of Central Georgia ?

Your Doctor may discuss the need for sedation for younger children. If sedation has been ordered:

  • Number 1You will receive a letter from us with important instructions about NOT eating and NOT drinking before the MRI scan. These instructions are very specific to your child based on his/her age and MUST be followed EXACTLY or the test will NOT be done.
  • Number 2A parent or legal guardian MUST come with your child or the scan will NOT be done.
  • Number 3If your child has a cold, fever and/or stuffy nose or any other infection or is currently taking an antibiotic, you need to call us to see if the scan can still be done.
  • Number 4You will need to bring a change of clothes for your child. (Many times when a child is sedated they are so relaxed they may wet themselves.

These appointments are VERY SPECIAL. If you are NOT going to come for the scan, call 478 746 1020; Even if it is just a few hours before your appointment, so that another child may have this appointment and we will reschedule your child's test.

If you have any questions please call us. DO NOT call your doctor!!
(478) 633-2599
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8:00 am until 4:00pm

ADDRESS: 770 Pine Street | Suite L-15 | Macon, GA 31201 | PHONE: 478-746-1020