The Community Resource Hub

What is the Community Resource Hub?

The Community Resource Hub is a social services platform that makes it easy for you to find and connect to free and reduced cost community programs to address social needs.

Powered by, the database has thousands of programs across the nation, spanning all domains of need- from food pantries to financial assistance to legal representation!

Zip code box

How can you use the platform?

To find and quickly connect to resources in the community, you can search for programs within any U.S. zip code. Enter the zip code where you are looking for services and click "Search".

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Find Program Listings

  • Search for programs within a zip code by entering a search term OR by clicking on the categories at the top (Food, Housing, Goods, etc.).
  • Scroll down to view programs available in the area.

Share Programs

When you want to share a program with someone, you can:

  • Give the details over the phone or face-to-face.
  • Send the program by email or text.
  • Print the program details in English, Spanish, or another language.
  • Connect with the program directly by clicking on the Next Steps, Refer, Apply, or Schedule button.

Create Favorites Folders

  • Find a program you’d like to save and click Save. Click the checkbox on the left side of the program to bulk-select multiple programs.
  • Create a new folder or add the program(s) to an existing folder.
  • Find your Favorites by clicking Saved Favorites.