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Survivorship Care Plan Builder

There are about 12 million Americans who are considered cancer survivors, and their ranks are growing. If you are a cancer survivor, you should have a comprehensive care summary and follow-up plan once your active treatment for cancer is complete. This summary should reflect all the treatment you received, and address the post-treatment needs essential to improve your health and quality of life. Ask the physician responsible for your cancer treatment for your treatment summary and survivorship care plan.

To facilitate getting these documents, we are providing links here for survivorship care plans developed by Journey Forward. You can print the document appropriate for you and take it to the oncologists and primary care physicians involved in your care to engage their assistance in completing it. Journey Forward was created by a collaboration among the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the UCLA Cancer Survivorship Center, the Oncology Nursing Society, WellPoint, Inc., and Genetech (see

You will need to download the FREE Survivorship Care Plan Builder program here to access survivorship care plans.