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The Medical Center of Central Georgia Announces New Advanced Monitoring System

The Medical Center of Central Georgia Announces New Advanced Monitoring System

System Monitors Cardiac Performance Over Time in Critically Ill Patients 

MACON, GA (Monday, October 29, 2012) – The Medical Center of Central Georgia (MCCG) is pleased to announce the addition of a first-of-its-kind medical device to guide the identification and management of compromised blood flow in critically ill patients.

MCCG has added the ImaCor hTEE™ system to its Cardiovascular and Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Units (CVICU and STICU) to allow physicians to view the heart function of critical patients in real time. The ClariTEE® probe and Zura EVO™ imaging platform provide continuously available images that are used by physicians to monitor a patient's response to medical interventions and to help determine or re-direct the best course of treatment over an extended period of time. The system also permits physicians in the CVICU to monitor the progress of patients who have recently received the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), now offered at MCCG.

“With the ImaCor hTEE™ system, we can view the patient's response to an intervention right at the bedside. We can tell in real time if the fluid, blood or medication works. That gives the clinician a big head start on what's going on and whether or not the therapy is working without putting the patient in danger,” said Dr. Dennis Ashley, Director of Trauma Services at MCCG.

The addition of ImaCor hTEE™ systems in MCCG's CVICU and STICU has made heart monitoring in critical patients quicker and easier. The pencil-size ClariTEE™ ultrasound probe may be left in the patient's esophagus for up to 72 hours. Physicians can hook the probe up to the Zura EVO™ imaging platform and view the heart's progress at any time, and numerical and visual results may be compared over hours or days.

The ImaCor hTEE™ system positions MCCG at the front of a series of clinical and research endeavors focused on improving patient outcomes in critical care through optimizing cardiac performance. As the first in the state of Georgia to purchase the hTEE™ system, MCCG leads an elite group of hospitals around the world that are adopting this state-of-the-art technology.

“It is exciting to be on the cutting edge, to be the first hospital in the state of Georgia that understands how important it is to fully integrate ultrasound capabilities into the critical care setting,” said Dr. Ashley. “The ClariTEE® probe and Zura EVO™ imaging platform enable gold standard hemodynamic assessment easily, and over time.”

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