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Partnership Addresses Downtown Improvement Project

Partnership Addresses Downtown Improvement Project

Central Georgia Health System and Historic Macon Foundation Partner for Community 

MACON, GA (Thursday, October 24, 2013) - Central Georgia Healthy System (CGHS) began the demolition of 700 Spring Street on Thursday, October 17. The removal of this structure will eventually allow for the expansion of healthcare services while acting responsibly to preserve historic downtown architecture.

“The missions of the Historic Macon Foundation and Central Georgia Health System align in preserving this area's historic beauty and charm, and revitalizing its neighborhoods for greater safety, attractiveness and occupancy, both for better business and better public health. Central Georgia Health System and Historic Macon have cooperated for many years to assist each other in fulfilling these missions,” said Josh Rogers, Executive Director of the Historic Macon Foundation.

The Historic Macon Foundation has conducted architectural salvage operations to remove and reuse any architectural elements from the building. CGHS will place a commemorative plaque on the exterior wall of any building that may be constructed on the site in the future to acknowledge the area's history. 

“We appreciate the partnership with the Historic Macon Foundation, and will use this opportunity to jointly address mutual goals that preserve history and address future healthcare expansions. At the appropriate time, Central Georgia Health System will replace the structures with a well-designed building befitting a location in a historic area, and intended to serve the community for decades to come,” said Tim Slocum, Assistant Vice President of Hospitality Services for CGHS.

Demolition is scheduled to be completed in late November. .