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Navicent Health Police Department Debuts New Interdepartmental Technology

Equipment Allows for Seamless Coordination of Law Enforcement, Emergency Services

MACON, GA (Monday, May 2, 2016) - Navicent Health Police Department (NHPD) is pleased to announce the use of new radio technology that will allow for more seamless coordination between NHPD and Macon-Bibb County emergency responders.

“In August of 2015, Atrium Health Navicent Police Department held a active shooter table top exercise with local agencies including the Macon-Bibb Sheriff's Office, Macon-Bibb Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services. Together, we identified opportunities for improvement, with the top item being radio communication between all agencies,” said Chief Quentin Jude of NHPD.

In order to address the concern, NHPD received approval to purchase full-spectrum multiband radios, technology that will allow direct communication between NHPD and all other Macon-Bibb County emergency response agencies in the event of a crisis situation. NHPD will continue to operate on its own radio frequency during daily activities.

“Although we will continue daily communications as normal, we now have the capability to operate on a shared frequency when crises arise. This new technology is mutually beneficial for all agencies, permitting seamless public safety interoperability for the improved safety of our community and our emergency personnel,” said Chief Jude.

NHPD officers were trained on the new equipment in early March, and now have the benefits of the new technology at their disposal.