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Navicent Health Discusses Security Initiatives in Wake of National Tragedy

Leading Georgia Health System Encourages Other Businesses, Organizations to Follow Suit

MACON, GA (THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016) - In the wake of recent national tragedies, including mass shootings in Orlando, Fla. and San Bernardino, Calif., Atrium Health Navicent has renewed its commitment to ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and staff. Leaders of the Georgia health system shared the security measures implemented at its more than 30 locations during a news conference on Thursday and encouraged businesses throughout the region to share in Atrium Health Navicent's commitment to security.

“At Atrium Health Navicent, our number one priority is people. That is why we say, ‘everything about us is all about you.' At the end of the day, strategy and operations do not matter if you are not dedicated to the people you exist to serve. At this time, there is a national emphasis on ensuring the security of our citizens. In light of recent events nationwide, Atrium Health Navicent will renew its ongoing commitment to the safety of our patrons and our community,” said Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, President and CEO of Atrium Health Navicent.

Although security and safety have long been priorities for the health system, leaders recognize the need to bolster security and adapt the health system's security plan in order to ensure the prevention of mass casualty events.

Leaders outlined those initiatives, as well as future goals, at Thursday's news conference.

Navicent Health's Current Security Measures:

  • Entrance and exit security throughout facilities, including badge access requirements for all non-public areas.
  • Increased Atrium Health Navicent Police Department foot patrol throughout Atrium Health Navicent facilities.
  • Manned security camera systems throughout Atrium Health Navicent facilities.
  • Radio communication in partnership with local emergency response agencies.
  • Security provided for all Atrium Health Navicent events.
  • Security training for all employees during New Employee Orientation.

Navicent Health's Future Security Goals:

  • Addition of Code Blue Emergency Lights in all parking decks.
  • Annual active shooter training and education for all Atrium Health Navicent employees. 
  • Hiring of additional mandated police officers and communications officers.
  • Increased lighting of facility exteriors.

“Navicent Health is fortunate to have leaders who are committed to security and willing to invest in our facilities. We are also fortunate to have mandated police officers on campus, dedicated to the protection of each and every individual. Every employee has an active role in the safety and security program of the organization. Security and safety are our chief priorities, and we are committed to the protection of each patient, visitor and staff member,” said Chief Quentin Jude of Atrium Health Navicent Police Department.

As one of five Level 1 Trauma Centers in Georgia and the only Level 1 Trauma Center serving central and south Georgia, physicians and clinicians at The Medical Center, Navicent Health recognize the importance of extending security measures throughout the region.

“The physicians, surgeons and clinicians of our Trauma Team see tragedies every day. Fortunately, we have not been required to address tragedy on a mass casualty scale, and although we train for such events, our hope is that we never have to respond to such a situation in real life. As any physician will tell you, prevention is key,” said Dr. Dennis Ashley, Director of Trauma and Critical Care at The Medical Center, Navicent Health.

Echoing Dr. Ashley's remarks, Dr. Saunders asked other businesses and organizations to renew their commitment to safety.

“We encourage other businesses and organizations in our region to continue their commitment to public safety. We invite the leaders of our community, particularly business owners, to join Atrium Health Navicent in reaffirming our commitment and dedication to this cause,” said Dr. Saunders.