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GRAChIE Announces Inclusion of New Members from Across State

GRAChIE Announces Inclusion of New Members from Across State

Secure network improves patient-centered care and health outcomes in Georgia

Sandersville, Ga. (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)  –The Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE) announced the inclusion of nine new members to further augment continuity of care through the secure electronic exchange of patient health information. Through GRAChIE, these new members will streamline communications with hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers to improve patient care.

GRAChIE enables healthcare providers to share helpful patient information, including medications, pre-existing conditions, allergies, immunizations, lab results, appointment history and more with other physicians and hospitals across the state—all from within the electronic medical record system at the point of care—minimizing manual and often time-consuming processes. As a result, providers can gather information from multiple sources and access it at the time of service. This improves the coordination of care, which can help reduce adverse events, complications, hospital readmissions and duplicate tests.

 “In the past, patient health information was difficult to share across care settings. By connecting our members to our exchange platform, physicians and clinicians can access and share the most comprehensive and up-to-date information when making care decisions for their patients,” David S. Hefner, CEO and Executive Vice President of Georgia Regents Health System, said. “GRAChIE is working with providers across the state of Georgia to build a network that offers meaningful information across the care continuum in a highly secure manner.”

“By joining GRAChIE, members ensure that they have access to accurate data. Through immediate access to accurate patient records, clinicians spend less time gathering information and more time delivering improved care outcomes, while avoiding the duplication of services. GRAChIE is the key to interoperability between healthcare providers. This interoperability positively benefits the patients who rely on us for their healthcare needs,” saidDr. Ninfa Saunders, President and CEO of Central Georgia Health System, a founding partner of GRAChIE.

The following healthcare providers, along with their respective medical staff physicians, join Georgia Regents Health System and Central Georgia Health System in GRAChIE:

  • Center for Primary Care (Augusta)
  • Houston Healthcare
  • Houston Medical Center (Warner Robins)
  • Perry Hospital (Perry)
  • Meadows Regional Medical Center (Vidalia)
  • Newton Medical Center (Covington)
  • Oconee Regional  Health System (Milledgeville)
  • Pediatric Partners of Augusta
  • Upson Regional Medical Center (Thomaston)
  • White's Pediatrics (Dalton)

“GRAChIE is thrilled to be the HIE of choice for these organizations and the many that will soon join them.  We are working hard to be a tool that these providers and health systems can use  to make a difference in Georgia's healthcare landscape,” said Tara Broxton Cramer, Executive Directorof GRAChIE.