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Carlyle Place, Navicent Health Offers Residents Cutting Edge Stability Trainer

Residents Select Trainer for Improvement of Balance, Stability and Gait

Each year, an estimated one in four adults over the age of 65 will fall, and many of these falls will lead to serious injuries, such as broken hips. Many senior adults fear falling and often limit their activities in an effort to decrease risk. These limitations, however, may lead to physical weakness and increase their risk of falling.

In order to address falls and fear of falling, Carlyle Place, Atrium Health Navicent now offers residents the SCIFIT Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer for improved balance, stability and gate. The trainer, purchased by residents through their Carlyle Place General Fund, is one of the first of its kind and works various muscle groups in order to strengthen balance.

"Carlyle Place residents enjoy active, vibrant lifestyles, and they have no intention of slowing down - especially due to a fall or fall-related injury. The Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer is an item our residents selected to address this concern and ensure they continue their full, active lifestyles as they age," said Tom Rockenbach, Chief Administrative Officer for Carlyle Place, Atrium Health Navicent.

The trainer's recumbent position and five-directional motion allow users to strengthen muscles and improve motion needed for side-to-side movements. Almost 200 resistance levels allow users of any fitness level to benefit from using the trainer, and progressively build torward new goals. As an added bonus, the seat slides off to allow direct wheelchair access for those in need of rehabilitative care.

A demonstration video of the SCIFIT Lateral Stability Trainer is available below.

Read Video Transcript

Bonnie Smiley, "I guess I was skeptical the first time I saw it, I thought what is that going to do?"

John Seaman, "My first impression was, this is rather unusual motion. It' lateral with your legs moving side to side. With your legs going with either an inward push or an outward one. And it's different. Its definitely a change from the traditional aerobic machines I use."

Gerda Schak, "It's very easy, yeah. Its easy to get on, it's easy to get off. It's easy to adjust."

Al Langtry, "It's quite an effort moving from a wheel chair to another chair and it requires help. Now, a great feature of this is that actually I can do the whole thing myself."

Bob Zilowski, ""Sit and start pedaling. It takes about 2 seconds to get your seat adjusted and then you're off and running."

Bonnie Smiley, "I really like the motion, I like being on it and I think the important thing with us as we get older, we don't feel as steady on our legs. And exercising those muscles is probably helpful in steading us so you don't fall.

Jo Mullen Regner, "I just discovered the Latitude and I really feel that it is building the strength in my thighs. Which will help me avoid knee surgery and the Latitude seems to be helping me do that."

John Seaman, "The Latitude works some of the side muscles and the thighs that are not worked otherwise on the machines that I typically use. "

Al Langtry, "You feel the upper legs and the gluts as that burning sensation almost immediately. And that's good news."

Gerda Schak, "It helps you go and it keeps you feeling well. Everything felt good with this machine I really like it."

Bonnie Smiley, "I feel my thighs and if I concentrate, oh yeah, I do I feel it in here too."

John Seaman, "The Latitude is a hard working machine and the Latitude is a great addition to the equipment we have in our workout facility."

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