Atrium Health Navicent Neurosciences Care

Inpatient Stroke Care Center

Benefits Of A Stroke Center

Stroke care centers have been shown to improve patient care via:

  1. Fewer Complications
  2. Increased Use of Acute Therapies
  3. Reduced Morbidity & Mortality
  4. Improved Long Term Outcomes
  5. Reduced Costs
  6. Increased Patient Satisfaction
  7. Greater survival to return home (instead of a long term care facility)
  8. Higher percentage of patients that regain their pre-stroke level of independence
  9. More education and lowering of risk factors for a recurrent stroke (smoking cessation, cholesterol lowering, blood clot prevention)

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Noyes, K, Peterson E, Xian, Shah M, Chappel, A. Study Finds Access to Stroke Centers Can Save Lives. Journal of the American Medical Association . 2011.

Mission and Goals

Atrium Health Navicent Stroke Center Mission
As a Primary Stroke Center, we aim to provide complete, effective and professional stroke care to the people in our region. Neuro Center's Stroke Center is committed to collaboration with all stakeholders in the continuum of care. Our common goal is to optimize health and enhance the quality of life for people with stroke by providing appropriate treatment and enhancing public awareness.

Stroke Center Goals
We aim to:

  1. Provide World Class stroke care
  2. Use evidence-based standards of care
  3. Develop a care network with regional hospitals.
  4. Monitor & continually improve our performance & care
  5. Educate our community

Specialized Services

We strive to BE FAST to provide an environment aimed at maximizing patient recovery.

In all cases our emergency services, diagnostic teams, physicians, nurses, & staff work to provide the best medical management possible. Our comprehensive rehabilitation services provide patients with a chance to regain functionality & return to a normal lifestyle.