Atrium Health Navicent Neurosciences Care

Cynthia Sams

A change in her handwriting was the first sign to Cynthia Sams that something was wrong. One day while at work, she noticed her handwriting was getting worse by the minute. When she realized that her left leg was numb, she didn’t want to alarm her co-workers, so she texted her supervisor: “I think I’m having a stroke.” Cynthia’s supervisor quickly took action and made sure she was rushed to the emergency department at Atrium Health Navicent in Macon.

Upon her arrival, physicians assessed that Cynthia had stroke symptoms and began lifesaving treatments that when administered soon after the onset of a stroke help to restore blood flow and limit the risk of damage to the brain. Within seconds, the feeling began to return to Cynthia’s feet, hands and leg.

Thanks to the doctors, nurses and care team at Atrium Health Navicent’s nationally recognized Stroke Care Center, Cynthia is back to living her life. “The staff were wonderful, helpful and attentive,” Cynthia says. “It was an incredible experience.”