da Vinci Macon

Treatment Options

Atrium Health Navicent acquired the newest product from the daVinci® line, daVinci® Si. The new system offers an enhanced high definition 1080i 3D view of the surgical site with up to 10 times magnification, and digital operating room integration. The technology provides the surgeon greater range of motion, as well as tremor filtration and motion control.

In addition, daVinci® Si allows for the attachment of a new operating platform, Single-Site Instrumentation. Single-Site Instrumentation allows the surgeon to remove the gallbladder from a single incision, an incision in the navel approximately one inch in size that leaves no visible scar. This is the first step toward implementing single-site robotic techniques in other procedures that currently require multiple or large incisions.

This new instrumentation, like the entire daVinci® system, not only offers multiple benefits to the surgeon, but also to the patient. Patients benefit from this less invasive surgery method in several ways. By choosing to use daVinci®, the patient may experience less pain, less blood loss, fewer stitches, less need for narcotics, faster recovery time and a quicker return to normal activities.

These benefits are not limited to adult patients. Beginning in 2012, The Children's Hospital at Atrium Health Navicent became the only hospital in the state to offer daVinci® assisted surgeries for pediatric patients. Dr. Josh Glenn, Pediatric Surgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at The Children's Hospital, and Dr. Bryan Weidner, Pediatric Surgeon, are currently the only general pediatric surgeons in the state trained in the pediatric daVinci® robotic surgery system.