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MCCG Recognized as an American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite

MCCG Recognized as an American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite

Fit-Friendly Worksites Decrease Healthcare Expense, Increase Productivity 

MACON, GA (Monday, March 17, 2014) – For the fourth consecutive year, The Medical Center of Central Georgia (MCCG) has been recognized as a Gold level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association for helping employees eat healthier and move more.

”Physical activity and employee wellness are important priorities at The Medical Center of Central Georgia. We are honored and excited to be recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold Level Fit-Friendly Worksite,” said Kevin Carter, Director of Wellness Services at MCCG. “We're committed to providing the best workplace environment possible, and have taken important steps o create a culture of wellness by providing support to employees.”

The Fit-Friendly Worksites program is a catalyst for positive change in the American workforce by encouraging employers to make their employees' health and wellness a priority. American employers lose an estimated $225.8 billion a year because of healthcare expenses and health-related losses in productivity, and those numbers are rising. Many American adults spend most of their waking hours at sedentary jobs. Their lack of regular physical activity raises their risk for a host of medical problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Employers face $12.7 billion in annual medical expenses due to obesity alone. The American Heart Association is working to change corporate cultures by motivating employees to start walking, which has the lowest dropout rate of any physical activity.

MCCG has taken a number of steps in order to become a Fit-Friendly Worksite, including creating a smoke-free workplace, ensuring stairwells are well lit and free of clutter to promote the use of stairs instead of elevators, and offering healthy cafeteria food options. In addition, the hospital also offers an employee yoga program, an employee weight loss challenge and an employee walking program with marked walking trails,

“The Fit-Friendly Worksites Program offers a unique, easy-to-implement opportunity for corporations to increase employees' physical activity, which will help improve their health and their employer's bottom line. Even people who haven't exercised regularly can reap significant benefits by starting a walking program,” said Carter.

For more information about the Fit-Friendly Worksites program and how it improves the health of Americans by focusing on an activity that is convenient, free and easy, contact the American Heart Association at (800) 257-6941 ext. 6164or visit