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Eagle Scout Candidate Assists Carlyle Place Residents with Project

Project Intended to Draw Songbirds to Continuing Care Retirement Community

MACON, GA (Thursday, June 9, 2016) - The residents of Carlyle Place, Atrium Health Navicent - central Georgia's first Continuing Care Retirement Community - extend their gratitude to Ryan Perkins, an Eagle Scout candidate and members of Boy Scout Troop 416, for completing a project intended to draw songbirds to the Carlyle Place campus.

The Carlyle Place Resident's Buildings and Grounds Committee had recognized and expressed a need to enhance the opportunities for attracting songbirds to the Carlyle Place grounds. Ryan was able to assist in meeting this need.

“Ryan had approached me to ask if there were opportunities to complete his Eagle Scout project at Carlyle Place. When Ryan learned of the need, he presented ideas to the residents of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. He received their feedback and was off to the races,” said Tom Rockenbach, Chief Administrative Officer for Carlyle Place, Atrium Health Navicent.

Ryan researched which birds could be attracted to the grounds, the best means of attracting the birds, and what environments they would need to thrive. Ryan worked closely with Mark Johnston, Director of Facilities for Carlyle Place, as well as Carlyle Place residents to plan the best locations to establish feeders and housing, coordinate supplies and resources, and complete the installation.

“When I was looking for a project, I looked to another scout who had helped a retirement community build a sidewalk. That helped a lot of people and I wanted to do that, too. I loved working with the people at Carlyle Place because they were kind and they talked to me about what they needed. I enjoyed working with them to design a project that could make life a little more enjoyable for so many people,” said Perkins.

Ryan and members of his troop have installed bird feeders and bird houses throughout the Carlyle Place campus.

“We didn't have enough nesting sites on campus. We want more songbirds for the pleasure of the residents and for the good of the birds. Ryan came up with a comprehensive plan for the entire campus and designed a layout for the houses and feeders. They are all over the property and very visible,” said Building and Grounds Committee member and resident Jan Peak.

Teams of Carlyle Place residents have volunteered to ensure that feeders remain filled, and they will also care for the bird houses.

“This is collective. We are not expecting someone to come do something for us. It s a partnership,” said Peak.