Thyroid Surgeries

Young woman holding her neck in concern

Many issues may arise from a malfunctioning thyroid. There could be hormone imbalances, which can result in weight gain or weight loss, and there are many cancers that affect the thyroid. For people who have issues with their thyroid, surgery might be the best chance at being cured. There are thyroid surgeries for different health concerns, so it is important to learn a bit about the surgery options available.

Partial Thyroid Lobectomy

This is the least common thyroid surgery since it can only apply to limited cases. It is a good option when a benign lesion is located in either the upper or the lower portion of the lobe. Otherwise, this surgery is not the best option.

Thyroid Lobectomy

Of all the thyroid surgeries available, this one is perhaps the one that is most common. It is considered the smallest operation that can be done on the thyroid because it is done only on one node. This is a good option for people with thyroid cancer or those who have had a biopsy that has produced indeterminate results. If you have goiters, follicular adenomas, or hot and cold solitary nodules.

Subtotal Thyroidectomy

This surgery removes an entire side of the thyroid, which can be effective with cancers that have progressed. It removes the isthmus and can even include most of the opposite lobe. This is a good option for non-aggressive cancers and can also be used for treating goiters that have been causing health issues or pain in the neck or in the chest.

Thyroid Lobectomy with Isthmusectomy

This surgery removes the isthmus and one of the thyroid lobes, taking off more tissues than a regular lobectomy. This type of surgery is needed when there is concern that the issue has spread beyond one lobe but is not as extensive as a subtotal thyroidectomy. It is best used when there is a concern of follicular adenomas, if goiters are an issue, or if there are, hot or cold solitary nodules. It also helps for people with Hurthle cell tumors and non-aggressive thyroid cancers.

Total Thyroidectomy

This surgery is used when it is necessary to remove the entire thyroid gland. It is the last option, and doctors are very careful in trying every other option before settling on this one. For young patients with aggressive or large cancers in the thyroid gland, this surgery offers the best chance at making a full recovery. The complete removal of the thyroid tissues can make it possible for people to lead healthy lives after some hormone treatments.

Your doctor will consider these thyroid surgeries if you have health issues with this gland. Depending on the type of tumor, cancer, or adenoma, one treatment option might be better than another might. This is why it can be so important to know about the treatment options available to you and to have all the facts at your disposal. With the right surgeon on your side, you have the best chance at a successful recovery from any problems in the thyroid gland.