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Navicent Health Medical Records

Online Medical Records:

You can access portions of your electronic medical record online with the Navicent Health Patient Portal. That includes things like your medical history, test results, medications and allergies.

How to Request Your Medical Records:

To request a copy of your medical records for yourself or to send to your healthcare provider, complete a:

To request a copy of your medical records to be sent to an insurance company, attorney, school, or other organization, complete an:

There are a few options to get your request to us:

Mail to:

Atrium Health Navicent HIM Department
Attn: Release of Information
777 Hemlock Street
MSC# 148
Macon, Georgia 31201

(478) 633-7818

Email a PDF of your authorization to


Call us at (478) 633-1067.

Other Information You May Need to Know

If you are requesting records for a patient who lacks legal capacity or is unable to sign, an authorized personal representative may sign this form. Written proof of authority should accompany the request in order to verify appropriate health information access for the following:

  • Affidavit next of kin
  • Court-appointed guardian or other legally appointed representative
  • Executor/administrator/attorney in fact
  • Power of Attorney/Advance Directive

Verification of identity is required. Fees may apply. Some requests are subject to prior approval by the physician or therapist to release your health information.

Requesting Other Types of Records

Billing Records

To request your billing records, please contact the:

Business Office
(478) 633-1130

Pathology Slides

To request pathology slides, please contact the:

Pathology Department
(478) 633-1329

Radiology Images or Imaging Films

To request your radiology images, please contact the:

Radiology Department
(478) 633-1255

Requesting A Correction or Addition (Amendment) to Your Medical Record

Please complete, date and sign the:

Mail to:

Atrium Health Navicent HIM Department
Attn: PHI Amendment Review
777 Hemlock St. MSC# 148
Macon, Georgia 31201

Please call (478) 633-1201 if you have questions or would like a form mailed to you.